InCarda Therapeutics featured in Men’s Health

InCarda Therapeutics CEO Grace Colón was interviewed for this brief and informative piece on Atrial Fibrillation, The Hidden Heart Problem That’s Claiming Men’s Lives Now by Julie Stewart in the February 2021 edition of Men’s Health.

Key points:

“There’s a U-shaped curve with AFib—people who don’t exercise are at higher risk, people who exercise moderately tend to have the lowest risk, and then there’s that troublesome issue of the highly trained athletes like Dr. Sanchis-Gomar who are also at higher risk for AFib.”

“Today, many guys are spotting signs of AFib early thanks to heart-monitoring apps and alerts on smartwatches. They’ve been useful, since AFib is episodic and won’t show up on an EKG unless it’s happening right as the test is being taken.”

“On the horizon: a quick fix for episodes. ‘Patients in the U. S. have no real options to have their hearts return to normal rhythm within a few minutes,’ says Grace Colón, Ph.D., president and CEO of InCarda Therapeutics. The company is working on an oral inhalable version of an existing drug (flecainide) that can reach the heart quickly to stabilize its rhythm. InCarda estimates approval is a couple years away.

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