Delivering Drugs via the Lungs to the Heart

Approximately 20 million patients a year in the U.S. experience one or more forms of acute cardiac conditions. Current therapies are not optimal and result in poor patient quality of life, frequent ER visits and extended hospitalizations. These therapies also add a tremendous burden to the overall healthcare cost.

Here at InCarda, we see a better way. We see a future that includes improved quality of care for patients with acute cardiac conditions. We are committed to developing transformative therapies that patients can use themselves in the first moments of acute cardiovascular symptoms.

Transforming Cardiovascular Disease with Pulmonary Delivery

InCarda Therapeutics is a product-focused cardiovascular company with significant capabilities and experience in drug development.

Our Management Team of Drug Development Experts

InCarda is led by a widely respected and seasoned team with highly complementary drug development expertise.

Our Advisory Board of Respected and Recognized Experts

Our distinguished advisors are experts in a wide range of disciplines, including cardiology, electrophysiology, regulatory issues and pulmonary delivery.