Orally Inhaled Flecainide for PAF

A breath of fresh air for
Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation patients.

Orally Inhaled Flecainide for the
Acute Treatment of Episodes of PAF

Hear from our Chief Medical Officer

InCarda’s lead product candidate is novel inhalation therapy, delivered via nebulization, designed to rapidly deliver flecainide, a well-established antiarrhythmic agent, to the heart via the lungs, converting patients back to a sinus rhythm (SR) and relieving symptoms following the onset of a PAF episode.

The therapy is being developed initially for use under medical supervision, including in an emergency room or physician office. Ultimately, we believe the unique delivery of flecainide via oral inhalation will provide the safety profile and ease of use needed for patients to treat recurring episodes of PAF themselves – at home, work or travel – allowing them to take control of their disease while minimizing disruption to their everyday life.

  • Advantages of Inhaled Therapy for AF

  • 1. Rapid restoration of sinus rhythm within minutes, in addition to quickly reducing disabling symptoms
    2. Low drug dose and short duration of action, potentially minimizing side effects
    3. Non-invasive administration allowing for use in a variety of healthcare settings, and eventually at home

Actual AFib Patients React to Orally Inhaled Flecainide

Actual Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) patients provide feedback on the Orally Inhaled Flecainide.

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