InCarda at Biotech Showcase 2019

January 8, 2019 – San Francisco, CA

At 2019’s Biotech Showcase conference in San Francisco, InCarda’s Dr. Grace Colón was a guest panelist at the “Early Seed Alternative Financing” Workshop. In that discussion about early company financing, Dr. Colón advised attendees to talk with as many potential investors or partners as possible well before you need funding. Not fixating on money enables a better discussion and helps you understand what they expect to see at certain stages before they will consider investing. “It’s free advice,” Colón says. “Track who you spoke with and when, and go back to them when you reach the milestones they consider important.” Then, when you are ready to discuss funding, they already know you and your company. When you do talk to them about financing, different investors may place more importance on different milestones, “so you need to have a clear rationale about how you need to use your funds to maximize the chances of success,” Colón says.

Grace Colon 2019 Biotech Showcase Panel

Separately, Dr. Colon also gave an overall corporate presentation on InCarda, highlighting the company’s unique approach to addressing key unmet needs in atrial fibrillation as well as progress towards key company milestones.

Biotech Showcase is one of the top annual partnering conferences with over 3,600 attendees from biotech/ pharmaceutical, the investment community and media.

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